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Why SantaMatch?

SantaMatch is the pioneer and the world's first introduction site. Since 2006 SantaMatch has been providing singles a unique alternative to the traditional dating site model. As opposed to traditional dating sites where you are thrown into a virtual "meat market", SantaMatch simply introduces you to singles in your area who are compatible with you and enables you to communicate one-on-one in a private, hassle-free and pressure-free environment. In that sense SantaMatch is a singles registry, not a traditional dating site.

Here are some of the features that have made SantaMatch popular, mainly among busy professionals who appreciate the privacy and time and hassle saving concept of SantaMatch, not to mention the humorous and pressure-free environment.

  • Two-way matching system. SantaMatch employs a two-way matching system, which makes sure that regardless of how selective you are, you are going to be what your match is looking for and vice versa.
  • 100% of profiles are real and active. Although it is impossible to tell exactly if a member didn't log in recently because they were away or simply forgot to cancel their membership, SantaMatch marks members profiles that are suspected to be inactive, to save you effort and frustration.
  • Highly educated member base. A recent count indicated that around 16% ( about 1 in 6) of SantaMatch members have a graduate degree or higher. That's compared to around 10% with a graduate degree or higher among the general adult US population (source: US Census Bureau, 2004).
  • Elaborate profiles will make it easier for you to connect. SantaMatch has received accolades for its elaborate yet easy to read and intuitive profile layout that gives you a great deal of information about the person who created it. The SantaMatch philosophy: the more effort you spend on your profile, the more likely it is that you will create 'connection points' that will help break the ice.
  • SantaMatch is as close to hassle-free dating as possible. Since Santa does the work for you and introduces you to compatible members in your area one-on-one and limits the number of active matches to five at a time, there is no need to write hundreds of emails to or sift through hundreds of emails from people who are not compatible with you, which is what typically happens in traditional dating sites, which is not only jading but frustration and causes people to be rude.
  • Zero tolerance policy towards abuses. Although abuses are rare (less than 1 in 10,000 profiles are flagged on an average day), SantaMatch has an uncompromising policy towards members who are in violation of the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. Each report is investigated and if found merited, the abusing member's profile is deleted and all information in it lost. Since members are required to create elaborate profiles that can sometimes take hours of work, usually the threat of having a profile deleted is enough to prevent abuses.
  • SantaMatch limits the number of introductions at the same time. SantaMatch limits the number of introductions a member can have at the same time to a small number (currently 5). By doing so, SantaMatch makes sure that you have each other's (almost) undivided attention. The result: over 95% of emails from matching members in the SantaMatch system are answered. This is in contrast with traditional dating sites where the practice of 'bulk mailing' to uninterested members results in over 80% unanswered emails, which leads to frustration, disappointment and waste of time and effort.
  • Privacy. SantaMatch is perhaps the most private relationship site out there. As you can see on SantaMatch's home page, no profiles are visible to non-members and and members can hide their profile completely from all but their matches. That guarantees that your office co-workers, exes or stalkers will not see you as is the case with most dating sites. SantaMatch respects your privacy.
  • SantaMatch is in essence free, with the exception of a small profile approval fee. There are no monthly membership fees so the clock is not ticking and you don't have to reconsider every time you log in. The profile approval fee is the equivalent of a small annual admission fee. It is used to keep away the people that you don't want to meet in the first place (such as scammers, married people, offenders, pranksters, spammers, etc.) and make sure that members are seriously looking. It also makes SantaMatch safer for females since members can be traced through their financial records "just in case".
  • The love you will find is in direct relationship to your willingness. Scores of relationships are being created on SantaMatch every single day. If you open your heart, good things will happen. If you come here with pre-conceived notions, skepticism and a negative attitude, you may as well not join and save other members the hassle.

Good luck in your quest for love!

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