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SantaMatch Terms of Use
SantaMatch Terms of Use Agreement

Welcome to SantaMatch, the world's first and largest introduction site. is operated by Happy Mondays GWG LLC, of Atlanta, Georgia. By using, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use.

  1. Zero tolerance policy. Any violation of the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct will result in a loss of your approved member status if you had been approved, a deletion of your profile and the loss of all information in it and in addition may potentially expose you to civil and criminal charges.
  2. Eligibility and Marital Status. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and single or separated from your spouse to register as a member, create a profile or communicate with other members of SantaMatch. Violation of this clause will result in an immediate cancellation of your account.
  3. Membership. You may become a member of SantaMatch by creating a profile. You may cancel your account by going to your member settings, then clicking Other Settings and then canceling your account.
  4. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a perfect match for you. For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that you will have any introductions or matches that you like. The number of introductions can vary by location, age, lifestyle, religion and other physical parameters such as body type, height, ethnicity, etc. It is possible that for some members we will not be able to find introductions.
  5. Term. This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the website and/or are a member. You may terminate your membership at any time by going to your Settings in the members menu. You may also send an email requesting termination of your membership to
  6. Junk mail and commercial solicitation. By agreeing to our Terms of Use you agree not to send bulk mail of any sort to members or try to solicit the sale of products or services to our members. Any such activity will be considered a violation of the Terms of Use and will result in a cancellation of your account and will potentially expose you to a civil lawsuit.
  7. Hacking and electronic burglary attempts. You agree not to attempt to breach or penetrate our servers and IT infrastructure. Any such activity will be reported to law enforcement agencies and may expose you to felony and criminal charges.
  8. Collection of profile information. SantaMatch profiles are proprietary and are not available to any third party for any purpose. You agree not to collect personal information from members� profiles for any purpose other than your personal use as a member. Any collection of profile information or members� photos for any other use than personal will subject you to a civil lawsuit.
  9. We will reveal your email address to your introductions so they can contact you directly if you fail to log in within 7 days of being introduced and have not canceled your account.
  10. Digital Security. It is your obligation to maintain your account log-in information in a secure place. SantaMatch will not be responsible for any breach of security that is a result of your failure to safeguard your account log-in information.
  11. Personal Security. You agree to act with prudence, caution and common sense when arranging to meet other members in person or when giving away personal contact information (read our Dating Safety Tips). SantaMatch will not be liable in any event for any damages arising in connection with the use of our service, including bodily injury, emotional distress, and/or any other damages resulting from communicating or meetings other members through our service.
  12. Personal information. You agree not to post on your member profile your full name, address, email address, phone number, links to other websites or any other personal information. You agree not give your personal information to other members other than that required to contact you offline. You also agree not to post on your profile requests for other members to send you their contact or personal information.
  13. Code of Conduct. By visiting our website and becoming a member, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. Any violation of our Code of Conduct will result in an immediate cancellation of your account. Among others, you agree not to post or transmit any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or illegal material. You also agree that our content administrators have the right to delete any content or messages that violate our Code of Conduct. You may not post nude or partially nude photos or photos of sexual nature or with sexual innuendo or photos with logos of dating sites.
  14. Approved Profiles. Members are required to get their profiles reviewed and approved prior to contacting other members. Profile approval costs a one time fee. The approved member status lasts for one year from the date of approval (Approval Period). The approval fee is non-refundable. Paying the profile approval fee gives you unrestricted full membership but does not guarantee any number of matches or that we will be able to match you with someone you like or with someone who likes you, as explained in Section 4 above. You may lose your approved member status and profile approval fee if you have been flagged and a review found the flagging to be merited or if you violated the Terms of Use and/or Code of Conduct.
  15. Rollover Months. Rollover Months is a program available to those members who paid for that option (current price $29.95). Under the Rollover Months program if a member has not logged into their account for more than 30 days and have any term remaining in their Approval Period, those days will be automatically credited to their account when you they log back in. There is no need to cancel the account in order to accrue Rollover Months. There is no term limit to carrying over Rollover Months.
  16. Refundability. The profile approval fee is non-refundable unless you selected and paid for the refundable option (current price is $39.95). In that case your profile approval fee will be fully refunded if we cannot introduce you or you cannot find someone you like on SantaMatch within the Approval Period. "Liked someone" is defined if you initiated contact with a member or clicked the "express interest in" button or clicked the "request email address" button in your introduction list. You may request a refund at the end of the Approval Period by sending an email to with the subject line "refund". You must include your screen name and write the request from your email address on file. You will not be eligible for a refund if you did not log in to meet one or more of your introductions for over a month after the introduction was made or if you canceled your account prior to the end of the Approval Period. Any request for a refund before the end of the Approval Period will be subject to a deduction of a processing fee of $15. In addition, if your PayPal account is no longer valid by the end of the Approval Period and you require a refund by other means, the refund amount will be subject to a deduction of the mailing cost. Initiating a chargeback with your credit card company or with PayPal will void your entitlement to a refund.
  17. Copyright policy. You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent from SantaMatch. Any such violation will subject you to a civil lawsuit.
  18. Disputes with other members. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members.
  19. Privacy. Privacy of information on website is subject to our Privacy Policy.
  20. SantaMatch reserves the right to decline or cancel any membership that it deems inappropriate or incongruous, unfitting or in diametric opposition to the values it represents.
  21. Disclaimer. SantaMatch does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of any content posted on the website by its members. In addition, SantaMatch is not responsible for the online or offline behavior of its members and any of adverse consequences that such potential misbehavior or misleading profile information may cause.
  22. Jurisdiction. You agree that any disputes arising from the use of shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this agreement. SantaMatch,, "Who Is In Store For You?" and "Who's In Store For You?" are trademarks of Happy Mondays GWG LLC, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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